Everyone's going ape over Donkey Kong!

“HELP! HELP!” cries the beautiful maiden as she is dragged up a labyrinth of structural beams by the ominous Donkey Kong. “SNORT. SNORT.” Foreboding music warns of the eventual doom that awaits the poor girl, lest she somehow be miraculously rescued. “But, wait! Fear not, fair maiden. Little Mario, the carpenter, is in hot pursuit of you this very moment.”

Little Mario must dodge all manner of obstacles – fireballs, plummeting beams and a barrage of exploding barrels fired at him by Donkey Kong. Amidst the beautiful girl’s constant pleas for help, your challenge is to maneuver little Mario up the steel structure, while helping him to avoid the rapid-fire succession of hazards that come his way.

It is your job to get little Mario to the top. For it is there, and only there, that he can send the mighty Donkey Kong to his mortal doom. Leaving Mario and the beautiful girl to live happily ever after. “SIGH. SIGH.”


  • Much closer to the arcade version than the original ColecoVision game
  • Better graphics with more accurate colors
  • Includes all four arcade levels
  • Select from Japanese and USA versions
  • Options screen offers all the arcade settings and more
  • Super Game Cartridge saves your high score table!
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