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What's New
Super Game Module Pre-Order Started
April 26, 2012

Opcode Games has started taking pre-orders for the upcoming Super Game Module. Subscribe now to the pre-order list and be notified on future updates.

The Super Game Module offers the following features:

  • Expands the ColecoVision main memory from 1KB to 32KB.
  • Doubles the console sound capacity.
  • When coupled with the new Super Game Cartridges, allows games of up to 1MB and allows any data (like high score tables) to be permanently saved.

What are the benefits of the Super Game Module:

  • Arcade ports that are direct-as-possible.
  • More complex graphics and animations on screen.
  • Improved music and sound effects.

The first Super Game Module game - a brand new port of Donkey Kong - will ship later this year. Many more games will follow. Starting with Donkey Kong, all future Opcode games will require the Super Game Module to run. Please check the side bar for some of the planned Super Game titles.

The ColecoVision Super Game Module is tentatively slated for release this summer.

[Master Invader]